Due to Covid-19, we must ask that clients wear a face covering during the first half of your makeup appointment.  The mask is removed after eyes are complete.  Your artist will wear a mask at all times.  We are happy to respect each other by complying with all state mandates related to the Covid crisis.

Eyelashes are the ultimate finishing touch!  False lashes don't have to be gaudy or over the top.   At Salon Be we offer single lashes that are applied in small clusters and are built up until you are happy with the result.  These single lashes adhere to your own lashes rather than your skin and are very comfortable.  Nothing against full strip lashes, they are a must for certain styles!  We still happily offer strip lashes.  Lashes are included in all makeup sevices.

Air-brushed makeup

Wedding Makeup Services

Salon be makeup

custom individual lashes

Airbrush makeup is applied to the skin using an airbrush instead of a sponge or brush.  Airbrush creates an even, sheer and natural look that can last up to 24 hours!  Our airbrush makeup is also high-definition and appears flawless in photography. The main benefit of choosing airbrush is its staying power.  Airbrushing is used for foundation, contour, cheek color, and highlighting.  Eye makeup and lips are still applied traditionally. Airbrush is included with all makeup services.  Ask your artist if airbrush is right for you.

 Consultation is a must when preparing to create your makeup look. we start with a primer that we choose specifically for your skin type.  After skin is properly prepped we go to work with our high quality, high-definition foundations, contours and high-lighters.  While continuously checking in with you, eyes cheeks and lips are applied using the beautiful pigments of MAC and Urban Decay.  Setting sprays are used and you are given a touch up bag containing a sample of your lip color, and a few other goodies to keep you looking your best. Lashes and airbrush are included in all makeup services.  Brides makeup is $145  All other makeup services are $125.