Covid 19- salon plan

We want to ensure our mutual health and safety but will also strive to maintain our fun atmosphere of friends that we all enjoy!

To see how you can help to keep our salon Covid free check out the 

Client Covid Guide

We are all aware of the risk of living and working amidst the pandemic.  We want nothing more than to keep our clients and ourselves healthy.  Although sanitation has always been a priority at Salon be, we have added a few extra steps to limit even further, the chance for the spread of C-19 at our salon.   The following is a list of precautions that we have compiled for limiting the spread:

~Kathleen Thatcher 

Salon Be owner/stylist

  1. Stylist stations have been positioned with at least 6' between them.
  2. Stylists will self assess before coming to the salon and will cancel appointments if they exhibit any signs of illness
  3. coordinating of schedules will allow for a maximum of two stylists to work in the salon at one time
  4. Complete sanitation of work station will be completed after a client's appointment, before the next client is allowed into the area
  5. Stylist will thoroughly wash their hands before touching their client
  6. Each drape will be used for one client only and then laundered before reuse
  7. Shampoo bowls will be sanitized after each use, including arm rests and foot stools
  8. No food or drink will be allowed in the salon
  9. Limited touch payment methods will be utilized (per stylist request)
  10. Stylist will wear a clean apron for each client
  11. A waiting area will not be available, clients will be asked to wait outside until the stylist calls them in
  12. Appointments should be attended by the client getting services only.  Friends can't join for now.
  13. Restrooms will be sanitized between each appointment as necessary.
  14. at the end of each business day, the salon will be cleaned and disinfected with antiviral spray.